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Charles Ghigna - Father Goose®

is a poet and author of more than 100 award-winning books

from Random House, Disney-Hyperion, Scholastic, Abrams,

Simon & Schuster, Charlesbridge, Capstone and other publishers.

He is a former poetry editor of the English Journal and nationally

syndicated feature writer for Tribune Media Services.

The Ubiquitous Barking Dogs

The Ubiquitous Barking Dogs

The neighborhood is full of them,
One, or two, or six;
Thoroughbred, pedigree,
Random stray or mix.

Late at night when the moon is bright
From shadows in the dark,
Their distant cries fill the skies
In one long lonely bark.

©Charles Ghigna


Diane Mayr said...

Surprisingly, we no longer have dogs in every other house in our neighborhood, so, when I do hear the odd one, it's a treat!

sketchyh said...

so nice!